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    iMac G5 won't boot up (kernal panic?)

    I've got a 17" 1.9GHz iMac G5 that's having issues. Just installed a fresh OS (10.4), and when I try to boot up to configure it, it stops at the grey screen with the apple and the spiraling disc icon, and after a minute or two, the apple turns into the "no" symbol (circle with a slash through it.

    The computer also will not boot from the install CD. It will however, boot just fine from a firewire drive (another computer in target mode).

    Booting in verbose mode initially gave me "shutdown cause=3". I tried resetting the SMU and now it's giving me a "shutdown cause= -110".

    I guess it's confusing that it's booting up perfectly from a firewire drive, but not from the internal HD nor optical drive.

    Any suggestions?


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    Shot in the wind try to reset firmware. Hold option, command, O, F keys and start up hold keys until you reach white screen, release and type: reset-nvram press enter then type: reset-all and computer should re-boot. Let me know this has worked for similar issues in the past.

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