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    Configuring a MAC PRO...for Photo Editing

    As a new member to the forum, I am planning to purchase a Mac Pro (Quad Core 2.66 Mhz) over the next few weeks...and would like your advice. My primary use of this new Mac Pro is for photo editing / Post Processing.

    As an amateur photographer, I am shooting with a Canon 5D MKII (21 MP) into RAW format. After post processing, I save as a TIFF...thus the file size is large.

    Post Processing Software is: Adobe Lightroom and Capture One 5 Pro.

    Back in August I purchased my first Mac...a Macbook Pro. I love the OS, and now want to use a Mac Pro as my primary computer.

    Question 1 - In regard to upgrading the Hard Drive to optimally run my programs and store my TIFF images, would you recommend:

    .....A. Upgrade the primary Hard Drive to 1 TB

    .....B. Keep the primary Hard Drive std (640 MB), and add a secord Internal Hard Drive (of 640 MB) Bay 2

    .....C. Keep the primary Hard Drive std (640 MB), and add an external Hard Drive

    Question 2 - I am purchasing a NEC LCD2490 Monitor to mate with the Mac Pro. With an understanding I will need the DVI Adaptor...does use of such an adaptor degrade picture quality? On my Dell Computer, there is a direct digital plug built into the computer.


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    1) Option 2 or 3 sound the best. Perhaps option 2 and 3 would be a good idea. 1Tb drives are cheap right now.

    2) Am I correct in assuming that you are going from DVI to VGA? If so, yes there will be some quality loss but probably not enough that you wil notice.

    I looked at the NEC site for that monitor, very nice. It also says it has DVI-I and DVD-D inputs so I'm curious as to what adaptor you're going to need for it. It should work directly with either video card Apple offers.

    One more thing, the MacPro line is due for an update soon, and MacWorld SF is in Feb. There are new Intel 6 core CPUs (i9) due out soon so I think you can see where I am going with this. If you can afford to wait until Feb/March you may be able to get a better/faster machine at the same price point. It's a gamble and if you are a pro, time IS money I know.

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