I've had an Intel quad core Mac Pro since they first came out. I've almost always had a problem with so called super drive (I think it sucks). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and it sure doesn't recognize OS disks either widows or it's own OSX. I've been trying to install Win 7 x64 for about a day and a half. No matter what I did I couldn't load Win 7 onto the Mac. Tried USB thumb drives, USB hard drives, firewire connected to my PC, along with various different booting programs and tweaks. Nothing worked. Until I had my eureka moment during the following procedure. I read somewhere about disconnecting the internal DVD drive so that the Mac Pro would recognize a USB DVD drive during boot up. That solution worked until the computer had to reboot during the installation and then wouldn't reboot to the correct drive and finish the installation. The solution...While I had the super drive disconnected I retieved an old Magic Spin 8x DVD burner and connected it to the Mac Pro via the internal ribbon and power cable and let it hang out of the side. Put in my Win 7 disk and bingo when I booted up and pressed the options key there was my Win 7 DVD icon sitting nicely on the boot screen. I just pressed "enter" and within an hour had everything up and runing. Now if I only could get boot camp for Windows 7 x64 I would be extemely happy. Win 7 x64 run great on the Mac Pro