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    Oct 11, 2009
    Mac Mini vs Power PC G4
    Is the new mac mini going to out perform an 8 yr old Dual 1.42 ghz Power PC G4?

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    In short, yes....

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    So far mine is.... My G4 dual 1.25 GHZ died on friday and I bought a new Mac Mini Friday afternoon and had my data recovered and transfered to the mini. As of Sunday night, that Lil' silver/white box is strokin'!!! I'm having to get use to the software differences from Tiger(10.4.11) to SL, but I'm thrilled so far. I already have my new 500 GIG external HD setup and backing up my files so I won't experience the same tragedy as I did friday.

    I had just purchased Leopard 10.5.6 on Thursday prior to the crash I'd like to sell, as well as 2 gig worth of RAM memory I bought a month ago for my G4.

    PM me if anyone is interested. My new Mac Mini is amazing so far, but I will miss my G4, it gave me 6 dynamite years of faithful service.

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    My G4 1.8Ghz converting videos takes up to 3 hours in most cases to do the conversion before burning to DVD. My Intel C2D 2.16 Ghz Mini takes between 22-30 minutes. My iMac G5 2.1 Ghz takes around 2 hours. All the same file, same conversion application.

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