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    Imac G5 power issue
    My first generation 17" Imac G5 is having start up problems. The protection plan expired atleast 2 years ago but I don't want to invest in costly apple repairs at this point. I have tried all the support recommendations (checked power cords disconnected peripherals, reset the SMU, checked LED...). LED 1 is the only light on. There's no fan. Before this, it would restart by disconnecting everything, including an external hard drive that seemed to cause power issues. Later a garay screen would appear on reboot, and now nothing will start and the screen is black. The capacitors on the motherboard appear to be normal. How can I tell if the power supply needs to be replaced? Any ideas?

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    Dec 20, 2009
    can someone at least tell me how to determine if either the power supply or pram battery are dead?

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    Try a new PRAM battery and reset the SMU. PS needs to be checked by technician.

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    unfotunately power supply failures are a fairly common thing with G5's
    pig of a job to do as well because pretty much everything needs to come out of the casing to get it out!

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