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    G3 needs emergency monitor
    I'm new to this forum so I hope I'm posting this in the correct place.
    I have just ordered a new Imac G5 and am in the process of downloading a few things from my old G3 powermac. The monitor died. My question: is there a quick, easy, and cheap way to convert my video output so that I can temporarily use my TV as a monitor. It has an RCA input port.
    Gary in Aptos, CA

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    imac bondie blue 233mhz 320mb ram 2 meg vram 4gig HD and a Beige G3 A/V 266 OCed to 300mhz 64mb ram
    yeah hook it to your rca video in on your tv and it should detect the tv as the only video output connected and use it as the main monitor or if you dont have the rca input on your tv then go to radioshak and buy an rfu adaptor and put your output through that and the co ax end to your tv.

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    if this is a BEIGE G3, and your refering to the personality card, then no it wont work. However if your using a PCI video card, that has DRIVERS for OSx, ur in luck.

    Stupid mistake by apple IMO, my G3 has a personality card...SCSI, Video I/O, audio I/O, Svideo..does NOT WORK under osx.

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