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    Receiving New iMac - Video Card Question
    Apple is replacing my 2008 24" iMac for free, after I have brought it in to them 3 times for the same issue all in the same month (failure to startup, they have replaced two video cards, one MLB, and the display but the problem repeats itself every 1-2 weeks). They are replacing it with a newer model that has a 27" display, twice the ram (4 GB) and twice the HD space (1 TB). My question is about the video card on the new iMac, it is a ATI Radeon HD 4670 with 256 MB. My 24" iMac had a NVIDIA 8800 GS with 512 MB. My primary application for my iMac is gaming, which I think makes the video card the most important component. Does anyone know the difference between 256 and 512 or anything about this ATI card? I have read that video cards with 256 MB of ram do not work well with higher resolutions. Of course this 27" is going to have a whopping 2560x1440 resolution. Should I ask them if I can pay to upgrade to the Radeon HD 4850 512 MB before I go in to pick up my new iMac?

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    I am wondering the same thing about the base 27" iMac. The only games I play are Second Life and WoW. I think the 'recommended video ram for WoW on a Mac is 128MB, so it should be fine, I hope. I don't know anyone that has one of these to see how well WoW will run. If and when I do get one, it will be my first Mac (unless you count the old Apple IIe I had back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth) so I want to make sure it will run it decently. The only other thing I do on a computer is amateur 3D rendering and modeling. The apps I use run fine on a C2D 2.66 PC with 4GB RAM, and they do have Mac versions, so I am sure they will be fine on the iMac. I just want to make sure WoW will be ok before I lay out that amount of money.

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