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    Question Slight electrical tingle from Imac
    All of a sudden my 2005 Imac G5 started giving me a slight electrical tingls from the imac and all connected items, ie: heaedset new metak keyboard, external hard drives! Anyone got any ideas other than replacing the guts one at a time?

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    Make sure your AC outlet is properly grounded and that the iMac G5 plug has not been altered to defeat the polarization. You can buy an outlet tester at Home Depot or Lowes for less than $10. Very easy to use.


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    In addition to chsag's advice:
    Are the iMac power cords a) permanently wired into the body of the iMac, or b) is the power cord removable?

    If a), then the power fault should be traced from the wall socket to whatever other power supply unit is being used, eg. a power board; then on to the connections inside the iMac. However, I suspect a fault in one of the power cables. Test the wall socket with another device or appliance to see if you still get the 'tingle'.

    If b), then try a different power cable, but, if that were the cause, then only the iMac would be affected - unless the rogue current is being transferred to the external devices via their connecting cables, eg. USB/firewire.

    Whichever, get it seen to a.s.a.p, before the problem gets worse - or serious.

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