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Thread: heard a pop and it turned off

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    heard a pop and it turned off
    I have an apple powermac g5 that is the 1.8 dual core with 1.5 gb of ram. I bought it new and used it about a month then put it in storage for a couple of years. I got it out and was uploading some updates 2 days ago when I heard a pop and it turned off. I cannot turn it on. The button clicks when you push it but nothing else happens. I had it on for 5 or 10 minutes when this happened and that's it. Nothing else. Anyone have any ideas or what I can do to fix it?

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    The POP sounds like the power supply blew. There have been other threads with the same Pop and it was the Power Supply.

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    agreed, sounds like power supply problem, had something similar on an old g4 and had to buy a new supply, ebay
    youre not alone
    im having the exact same problem youre having for about 2 days, and its annoying me to death. especially since itll let me log in every once in a while, maybe one in 20 tries, for about 10-15 minutes and then just decides to freeze in the middle
    i checked the system log, it seems really random
    took it into the apple store twice, first time they declared it fixed by removing ram and sent me home (it crashed again after bout 6 hours), second time they said they had no idea what was wrong with it.... (see other recent thread)
    anyone else got thisssss?

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