Ok, so I just ordered the 27" iMac. Trying to figure out the best way to do output to TV. There 2 approaches I would suspect.... but since the 27" display signal is 2560x1440 (HDTV can only go up to 1080p). I don't know of any adapter or TV that can support this resolution. Will the signal come in only partially displayed

1) Wireless

Atlonas - HDAIR wireless usb to HDMI/VGA with audio

Atlona's HDAiR wireless USB-to-VGA / HDMI adapter gains audio, usefulness -- Engadget

pros+: one connection for audio and video, usb, easy setup, hdmi out, wireless
cons-: reported sucky framerates, max res is 1440x1220 (720p), not mac compatible (so will req bootcamp/vmfusion/parallels - windows).

2) Wired

Would need the following

mini displayport + toslink audio + usb to hdmi out
1) Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (With Digital Audio) Review - Mini displayport hdmi adapter - Gizmodo

50ft hdmi cable
2) For only $40.96 each when QTY 50+ purchased - HDMI Tin-Plated Copper CL2 Rated (for In-Wall Installation) Cable (22AWG) - 50ft (Gold Plated Connectors) | Professional 22AWG HDMI Male to Male Cables

I heard 50feet is about the limit of HDMI for 1080p if you don't want to mess with amplifiers to correct signal lost.

So which option would you recommend? And is there a better way?