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Thread: Mac mini - Upgrading RAM

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    Question Mac mini - Upgrading RAM
    Hi im new to the forum and would be really grateful and appreciative if anyone can help me with the below.

    I want to upgrade the memory on my mac mini 2.1. It currently has 1GB of ram and i was wondering, if it can handle it, putting 4gb of ram in it.

    I just want to make my mac faster as i have not got the funds for the new mac mini. Also is it worth doing it yourself by following instructions or is it better to get it done by apple if they do it?

    Your help would be great.


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    Break out the putty knife!

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    I've got the Mini2,1 as well and it will accept a maximum of 3GB, you can put in 4GB but it won't see all of it.

    I bought it with the 1.83Ghz and 1GB and used it for a bit, but when I bumped up the RAM to 3G, it felt like an entirely different machine..

    Use the putty knife and follow the abundant instructions (including videos) online and you'll be done in 10 minutes..


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