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Thread: Mac Pro as media centre

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    Mac Pro as media centre
    Hi all, i am new to this forum and i will be buying a Mac Pro soon. My quetion is-- is it possible to connect a Eurovox 7000hd cable reciever and Technomate 6900 hd sat box to the Mac Pro in order to use it as a PVR. If so what are my options and what Hardware, software and cables would i need. I would be connecting the Mac Pro to a Samsung ue40b8000 LED TV and using it for viewing cable/sat broadcasts as well as a monitor for Mac Pro and controling equipment with Harmony remote. As the Mac Pro will be my first MAC could you please keep all replies as simple as possible.Thanks.
    PS....sorry such long post

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    Is there a reason you're spending so much on a HTPC when something smaller and cheaper would work just as well? Just curious

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    Elegato EyeTV is what you're after. But I also question the wisdom of using such a high-end machine for what is an otherwise very simple task. In particular, Microsoft's Media Center works really well. If I was in the market for such a machine, I'd definitely build my own relatively low end PC with a TV Tuner and Windows 7 Home Premium.
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