hello everybody,
I would like to shed some light onto a problem that I bumped into yesterday with my Imac core duo early 2006, 2Gb ram, 128mb graphics card (ati redeon).
To start with I have a fully operational recording studio running on it with logic studio 9, pro-tools pre release (snow leopard compatible) plenty of plugins such as idrum, ezdrummer and a vast sound library.
I have a firewire audio interface plus an mbox2.
Basically I never incurred into any major problems on it since I've had it apart from somehow expected freezes due to "incompatibility" with digidesign audio driver which is now solved.
But yesterday i switched the imac off as I was fixing a wall socket and then turned it back on to be presented with the password screen just as if the screen had been locked after a period of inactivity.
After logging in providing the password I could only move the cursor along the screen but could not click on any icons or use the dock not the notification area. I was not getting any spinning wheel as to show activity going on in the background.
I then decided to force shut down the mac but i kept on getting the same screen and same problem and wasn't able to do anything. I then reset the mcu and the nvram and kept on getting the same problem until i popped the snow leopard installation dvd and carried out a DISK PERMISSION REPAIR. I received an error message concerning time machine file being modified but the process completed itself and the problem with graphics had gone.
Has anyone else experienced such a problem and what is it due to.
I would like to be more informed about it as it seemed as a serious problem and wouldn't want that to happen again as It might hinder my recording chain especially when I have clients lined up for recording.

Any advice is very much appreciated.


and happy xmas holidays to all.