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Thread: RAM vs. VRAM?

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    RAM vs. VRAM?
    I don't know exactly where to post this - under "Games" or here - but I'm looking for overall experiences with the Mini's 32MB of video RAM. Here goes...

    I ordered a 'maxed-out' Mini on-line over a week ago (i.e. all the options, inc. 1GB RAM), but the next day I unexpectedly found time to go to a Mac retailer while visiting the nearest big city nearly 2 hours away. It was there that I began to question whether I made the right decision to get a Mini because of its video RAM, which I had read several complaints about, but also some positive things.

    I'm not a super-gamer. The games I plan to buy are the likes of Railroad Tycoon 3 and perhaps SimCity 4; I don't care about Doom and Halo kinds of games. So as I read the minimum system requirements on various boxes, I noticed that many of them read "PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 with minimum 256 MB RAM and 32 MB video RAM" (but I forget exactly which ATI cards they recommended).

    So does "PowerPC" exclude a Mini even though the Mini meets or exceeds all other requirements? Also, will having 1GB of RAM make up for any video RAM weakness - that is, does RAM take over when video RAM fails?

    About specific games on the Mini: How have RT3 and SC4 performed on your Mini? Has anyone ran Motocross Madness and Combat Flight Simulator with Virtual PC 7 on their Mini (two games I will DEARLY miss unless I keep my PC, which I don't want to do!) - if so, how did they perform?

    Many questions, I know, but as I wait perhaps another month before I finally get my Mini, I need to be put at ease concerning this whole VRAM thing. Please share any other positive VRAM experiences if you wish.

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    A mini has a PowerPC G4 in it. Also since the mini has 32MB VRAM it meets the requirements you listed. RAM does take over for VRAM when VRAM is full but this slows things down.

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    You aren't going to be able to run any game using Virtual PC, it is just too slow. The only really graphic intense game I have played on my mini is World of Warcraft, it did just fine at 1024x768.

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