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    Hello Everyone.
    My father is a landlord and at one of his buildings someone threw out a imac G5. He brought it home to me in a box that had the hard drive with a note that said "damaged". I was wondering if its true what they say, "Someones trash is anothers treasure." so basically is there a way I can inspect or bring it somewhere to see if its worth restoring? Thanks for your time and Happy Thanksgiving.

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    if you were able to restore that hard drive and there is residual data on it, i'm not sure if the original owner would be OK with you being able to access whatever is on there. I'd say it borders a code of ethics. Don't quote me tho, i'm no expert in this type of matter. Just my 2 cents.
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    You could re install the HD into the iMac and start it in Target Mode - if that is successful, you will see a Firewire symbol on screen, then, connect it to another Mac with a Firewire cable then u could erase the HD using Disk Utility and then install a new OS on it. Failing that u may have to get hold of another HD. Go for a 320 GB or so and one of these;

    Click for full size

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    I opened it up using a tutorial I found that the HD has been completly removed and it was the only thing missing. So I figured I'd purchase a new HD and I'd be good to go right?
    Fiolu...I understand where you are coming from but I wouldnt go browsing around people stuff. I would have deleted everything that was on there and started fresh. I know what its like to have people have all your personal buisness when not permitted and its not something I would do to someone else.

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