Hi guys,

Get the new iMac 27 inch, 3.06 ghz, 512 graphic card, 1 TB Hdd. Received in 11 of November, after 3 days use ( watching movies, iphoto, play WoW..suff web) not shutting down, I found out the screen flickering, I thought may be my eyes *got problem* coz this is a brand new machine. The day after I decided shut the machine down and turn it on again. Now the problem became more clearly, it keep flickering randomly and more than before. Sometime, it was real bad like you are tunning the TV channel.

I tried to google and I found this link in you tube, seem I am not the only one got this issue

YouTube - Apple iMac 27" Screen Flicker/Distortion Issue

I have returned my machine back to the shop, without asking me any questions after I told them what happened. They agree give me a brand new one this Wednesday 25 November.

Tried to google it again and I found a big dicussion on the apple forum about this issue, that's sad and I hope it would not be the whole new iMac 27 inch series.
Apple - Support - Discussions - New iMac 27inch screen ...

Playing WoW , browse web and watching movies on this machine is great. Hope apple fix this issue soon. So, if any of you guys got plan buy this machine can think again or wait until the problem solved.