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    Problems with Safari on G5
    My Dad's had his G5 for a while and had on going problems with internet access. We've figured out that there is no problem with the internet box (i have a G4 and have no problems with wireless access, i've also connected my ibook to the box with the same cable that runs to the G5 and it works fine).

    Basically the problem is that sometimes he can connect and sometimes he cant, generally saying 'safari cannot access the server' i've tried to download Firefox and upgraded versions of Safari but the Mac just won't let me.

    To me it seems that it might purely be a problem of changing something in the preferences or maybe it's a larger problem with the G5 itself?

    If anyone could help it would be really appreciated as pretty much the main reason my Dad got the mac is to go on the internet and it's driving him crazy!

    Thanks in advance

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    Intermittent issues are typically hardware in my little experience.

    You could try booting from the original disk and run the extended hardware test. But if it's intermittent, may find it or may not.
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