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    Oct 26, 2009
    Is the lack of anti glare on iMac 27 an issue?
    Thinking very hard about buying a 27 inch iMac and one of the big things holding me back is the lack of an anti glare screen. I'm also waiting to see how apple handle the screen flicker issue.

    I will be using it primarily for photo editing. I would love to hear if the lack of anti glare is an issue.

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    I'm a Graphic Designer-- so lots of photo editing -- -and the glare hasn't been a problem yet.

    My thinking is that during the summer months it will be a problem in the daytime.

    Otherwise, i haven't even been aware of it as im using the computer.

    I definitely suggest and recommend this computer. It's excellent!

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    Oct 26, 2009

    Many thanks.



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    antiglare treatments?
    looking into getting the big 27. anyone know if there are antiglare plastic sheeting or something to apply onto the glass screen? sometimes it's very bright in workplace and glare could be an issue.

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    don't even bother, the shiny screen is what makes it look so fantastic! the screen is so bright, I doubt you'll ever notice unless you have the sun shooting right into the screen

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    Anti glare film will be out soon for the 27"...there is a film for the 24" right now. The film will distort color though, if you are a g-designer or photog.

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    Maybe if you shine bright lights on your computer or have your desk is a poorly chosen location in your room such that sunlight would shine directly on it. Seriously... it's a ridiculous computer, will having to make sure you put it in a spot out of direct sunlight change that? Didn't think so.

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    don't listen to people who are just guessing and obviously don't actually have an imac: the lack of anti-glare coating is a HUGE problem. in my main office where i have a window behind me, this otherwise incredibly beautiful monitor is almost unusable for graphics work. but with the size of this monitor, it is going to be a rare situation where there is not some disturbing interference. lights, windows, or any light colored surface reflect from this monitor's flat surface like a mirror.

    unless you are using the monitor in the dark (don't laugh, this is what i do much of the time) you absolutely must have anti-glare coating (try Photodon for quality and reasonable prices) or a hood. if you are doing color critical work, you'll want the hood. (and even then, you need to take care with your workspace with no light source directly behind you.)

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    Dec 09, 2009
    20" Aluminium, 2Duo Intel Thingy Wotzit!
    Hello I am looking to purchase either the G5 (White version!!) or the Aluminium 20" with the shiny screen.... sorry I know my terms are far from technical! Wondered if anyone could advise me on which would be best as a graphic designer? I have been informed that the old screen is better with no glare, but the new screen looks so yummy!!

    Thanks in advance!!!

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