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    Overriding password on archaic Mac OS 9 system
    hi there..

    I am selling an old G4 tower which I haven't used for a couple of years. I have no monitor or leads to check what system it is running on, or if it has a password.

    I have a feeling it's got the old Mac OS 9 system on it. And I don't think it has a password on it but I'm not sure.

    What I want to know is, if it does have a password on it, will this be a problem? I have told a potential buyer that if they get some Mac OS X system discs and load these on to the machine, then this will override the old system and she can start again. I think I can remember doing something similar with another machine a while ago.

    So can anyone confirm that this will work?

    Thanks for your help!


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    OS9 did support user accounts, like OS X, but not many users ever used the feature.

    In 99.5% of cases the machine will boot straight in to OS 9 without a password
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    great.. thanks!

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