Hello, basically i have a few questions, any responses willl be greatly appreeciated,
so i had a flashing question mark, but the thing was i got it maybe once or twice a week since 3 weeks ago as a result before paying the steep fee of replacing an imac hd, so i did a clean reinstall of snow leopard and i thought i would run the exxtensive hard drive tests, from apple, weirdly it passed, as did it pass on the smart check on disk utility. I then went about a more reliable indicator so i used TechToolPro 5, and after 5 hours of testing NOT 1 bad block was found and also the smart utility passed aswell.
I then out of bewilderment gave smart utility a go. Unfortunatly it claimed my HD was failing however it said there are 7 bad sectors all for (no 197 - current pending sector). So my question is what is the current pending failure and can the issue be resolved by not having to replace the hard drive?
thanks, a9205