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    Question Power Mac G5 Power Supply
    Hey guys n gals;

    My basement flooded last week and rose about a quarter inch into my Power Mac G5, only wetting my Power Supply. So i opened it up and saw the model of the power supply Apple P/N: 614-0384 1000w MAX. However, when I search for it online, it is advertised as a power supply for Quad processors, which range from $200-300 bucks! Ouch!

    My Mac is a Dual 2.0ghz. Do I really need this expensive power supply? I saw others of about 400w to 600w for cheaper. Would these be compatible with my Mac? But one thing I did notice was that my current, and dead, power supply has these chrome "conductors" that connect into the motherboard which I only see in the 1000w power supply.

    So... What do you guys think?

    Uriel Reyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by reyesnation View Post
    My Mac is a Dual 2.0ghz. Do I really need this expensive power supply? I saw others of about 400w to 600w for cheaper. Would these be compatible with my Mac?

    So... What do you guys think?
    Insert some links...and we will let you know.

    - Nick
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    that model will be fine with a G5 710W power supply
    they are still available & are about half the price of the kilowatt unit

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    The 1000w supplies were also used on dual 2.0 and 2.3ghz G5s.
    600 watts is also works for G5s with 1.8-2.7ghz models .
    Is your model a dual core or dual processor?
    If it's a Dual Processor, you can use a 600watt supply.
    If it's a Dual Core, the minimum you can use is the 710watt supply.

    I wouldn't go low on wattage though. As you might know, the more wattage you have available, the more connections you can plug into the G5.
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    The part number you have quoted is from a late 2005 Dual Core G5 which did come in the 2GHz Dual Core as idrinorbarsaku points out. If your machine is the Dual Core suggest that part number and price are both correct.

    Dual Cores have DDR2 memory and PCI-E graphic cards.
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