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    IOMEGA USB external CD-RW + DVD ROM is not recognized!
    G4 YIKES! 350mhz - 640m RAM - OS X 10.3

    I searched and found nothing specific enough to my cuurent delima.

    I am alomst at my wit's end with this crap. I purchased this device (model# 32886) after being thouroughly disappointed that the Liteon internal I got from MacMall was incompatible (even though it states on the site that it is!)

    Anyway, I can burn music with Toast6 using this new Iomega with no problems.

    I wanted to try out the DVD player, and I couldn't find Apple DVD Player. So I went to apple and d/led it. When I try to install DVD Player software, I get a message that there is no DVD player detected and installation will not occur.

    Is this Iomega device also incompatible with OS X!? It is clearly stated that it IS plus it come with Charismac Discribe software for OS X.

    The device doesn't even show up at all in the system profiler.

    Am I totally missing something here!?


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    Also, I just tried to download patchburn 3.1, but when I make the final click to start the download, I get a new page that simply says...


    If not for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all

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    I had the same problem a while back. To fix it I repaired permissions and restarted the computer. It worked ok after that. Worth a try.

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    you have all the drivers updated?
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    As far as I know. I let software update install everything it ever asks to. There are no drivers for the burner or software newer than the ones I have now.

    I will try to repair the permissions when I get home and update you guys.



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