I am putting this question here since I only have this problem on my iMac 24.

I am trying for the life of me to install this MagicJack Voip device. When I plug it in and double click on the icon I get this message : "Cannot install magicJack Software. Install process already in progress."

Of course I spent an hour or so talking to magicjack customer service with no luck and even called apple.

When I go into the autocommand folder and run it this way I get the following expanded message :

-imac:~ Home$ /Volumes/magicJack/Start\ magicJack.app/Contents/MacOS/autorun ; exit;
autorun has been started
mkdir: /Users/Home/.magicJack: Permission denied
autorun exit code=12 exitcodeInstanceAlreadyExist

[Process completed]

I did the repair permissions thing, even put my Snow Leopard CD and reinstalled the OS. Nothing at all works. I know they have a update available but I cannot get to the first step to began.

Now heres a catch 51, on my macbook pro 13 it works perfectly fine ????