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    iMac Logic Board
    I hope this post isn't redundant...

    For the THIRD time since I bought my iMac G5 20 inch in 2005 the Logic Board has crapped out. I have also had the hard drive replaced just this passed August. Three major repairs in 4 years and facing the fourth.

    What angers me isn't just the parts failures, but the lost production time. I am on a deadline crunch to deliver wedding pictures by next Thursday and I will miss the deadline.

    My questions are these: 1---Is Apple still repairing these free when the logic board goes belly up? 2---At what point does this stop being a random parts failure and becomes a lemon? 3--If it is a lemon, what is Apple's responsibility?

    I have lost serious money and more than a few images in these failures.

    Thing is, I still have a nine year old PC running Windows 2000 Pro that is in use everyday and I have not had a logic board hard drive hardware problems at all. Yet, both my iMac has had three logic board failures and my 15 inch MacBook Pro has had a logic board failure.

    I am really mad at Apple right now...and I fear what they will tell me tomorrow when I call Applecare. I am an equidistant 21/2 hours from the Apple Store in Jacksonville, FL and Charleston, SC (horrible Apple Store) so it's not like I can pop in.

    Thanks for the opportunity to rant...If anyone has any answers, I would appreciate the advice.


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    I can not agree more, I start believing that a lot of Apple products a lemon.
    My imac early 2008 24 in. 2.8gh shutting down randomly, I don't have Apple care, bought may 2008.
    Took to geniuses, first was power supply now is the logic board, about 1000 Canadian, that is more than half what I paid for. Thy said that even Rolls Royce brakes down, but I don't think it cost half of the value to fix it.
    Maybe we should organize some group who bought lemons to complain to Apple.
    My PC some of them are working for 10 years.

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