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    1st gen Mac Pro 2.66 Quad core expand?
    Hi, I am new to the forum, even though I have been using it for reference for quite awhile.

    Big question...

    My mac pro is 1st gen. 2.66 ghz quad core. I have only 2gigs ram and a 250gb hard drive. I need to expand it...
    However with this new imac running quad core i7 for $2199. I am thinking I should actually sell my mac pro and 27" apple cinema display and pretty much pay for the new Imac.

    I am photographer running PS3 and aperture simultaneously.

    What are your guy's thoughts. How much life do i have with the mac pro? 2-3 years or more?

    How long would the new imac last me? 3 years?

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    Firstly...I don't think you have a 27" Apple Cinema Display (Apple doesn't offer a 27" external display)...maybe you mean a 24".

    It is an interesting thought...selling your Mac Pro & Apple Display...because like you said at $2199 for the new 27" iMac with the i7 quad-core chip it would come pretty close to paying for it.

    I would say at least wait a little while until some magazine or online reviewers perform some benchmarks to see just how well the new iMac's do vs. the Mac Pros (they may even include the original 1st gen. Mac Pro for reference).

    - Nick
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