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Thread: Want a mac mini, but read something about a possible update soon

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    Want a mac mini, but read something about a possible update soon
    Hi all,

    I want to buy a mac mini for the office, mainly to test website on to make sure they work. I came across a couple of articles this morning suggesting that many UK stored no longer have the mac mini and that this may point to the release of an updated mini.

    I'd just like some opinions on whether I should just buy one, or is there a change a new one will be released in the next month or so?

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    You will always be able to read something about a "possible update" with regards to Apple products.
    Prognosticators and Prophets of future updates seem to abound in the world of Apple.
    Even after an update does occur, these "visionaries" still cast their predictions on updates in Apple's days to come.

    In other words... just ignore them.

    Just buy the computer when you're ready to.
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    If you are using it to test website stuff there is really no point in all waiting no matter what might be coming out.

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    They are literally updating the Apple Store right now. Word on the 'street' is that the mini got a mild speed refresh as well as a 1TB HDD upgrade. Typically when Apple releases new models it's a great time to find deals on the older stuff. As has been previously mentioned, for what you need you probably don't need the latest stuff so you can probably pick a decent rig up on the cheap.

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    new mac mini just got released. check it out out. it's got some impressive specs for the price imo!
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