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    iMac Mini speaker...
    ...what is the sound quality/power output like on the Mac Mini's tiny speaker? Is it 'at least' as good as my G3 Graphite iMacs built in speakers? Can I use/fit a pair of the round, clear speakers (G4 snowball iMac stylee) with the Mac Mini? Thanks.

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    You can barely hear the Mac Mini's internal speakers except for when it is used for the start-up sound. I wouldn't plan on using it. If you want to use a pair of the Apple Pro Speakers(the clear round ones sold by Apple), you have to use an adapter from called iFire. You would probably be better of buying a new set of speakers since Apple doesn't sell them anymore and that adapter is $40. I am looking into getting some of the JBL creature speakers for my Mac Mini, Apple sells them for $100 but has them for $74.

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    yup when I turn on comp it's F'in loud but when you play music it's like a whisper.... get speakers! i have these nice ones... they are like 10 years old and still kick *** .... W2A2V0E (WAVE 220)

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    I have some Klipsch THX certified speakers I got at best buy for $149........and all I can say is WOW. its a small investment considering what we all spend on HDD's and monitors etc...

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    Forget about using the Mini's built in speakers to play music.

    I bought some nice General Electric Speakers at target. The look so cool!

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    jissis, you guys only pay $100 for the JBL creature 2 speakers?? that is sooo cheap, here it retails for about R1125-00 which = $225
    lucky *******s! you get everything so cheap up there.
    The apple distributor in SA rip the consumers off big time. i pad R11000 for my imac combo 1.6
    that's $2200 !!!!

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