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Thread: Transfer files from G4 powermac to intel imac

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    Transfer files from G4 powermac to intel imac
    Hi, Just ordered a new 24" 2.66 imac, When it turns up i need to transfer iphoto pics & itunes music from my G4 powermac (gigabit ethernet running 10.4.11) which is wireless and has firewire 400 & the new one will have 800, What will happen when i first start up the new one & what is the best way to transfer the files?.


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    If you have a firewire cable then use Migration Assistant

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    Its been a feature od OSX since Tiger (so it works with Leopard as well)
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    Great tip, Thanks for that, Will i need an adaptor for the firewire cable as the G4 is firewire 400 not 800?

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