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    What to do with this 250g Serial ATA drive
    I have a MDD G4 with a 120g drive and I want to possibly use this 250g Western Digital Serial ATA drive either as backup, or my main drive.

    How do I go about this?

    I am guessing its not just plug and play, correct?

    Also, if I can in fact use it, what is the best way to duplicate the data on the 120g drive to the new drive?

    Thanks all.

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    Go to OWC and purchase a SATA PCI Controller card such as the Sonnet Temp or Acard, but not cheap and it is not plug and play as the MDD has IDE interface, not SATA.

    Sonnet Tempo Serial ATA 2-Port Internal Serial... (TSATA2) at OWC

    Also on that page you will see eSATA controller cards if you wanted to install the drive in an external SATA case.

    Regardless the speed increase will not be noticeable as other things, such as the system bus speed etc still throttle the machine performance.

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