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    iMac Mini - Failing Hard Drive
    I bought a second hand G4 iMac Mini a few months ago. The last month or so I've found it's everyday running has been a bit sticky, things would take a few minutes to open, that sort of thing. Anyways, this morning I couldn't get it to start up, after about 5 minutes of the Apple and the spinning loading circle, it kicked into a blank, blue screen. I immidiately ran Disk Utility and my hard drive on the list came up red and there was a message:
    'This drive has reported a fatal hardware error to Disk Utility. If the drive has not failed completely, back up as much data as you can and then replace the working drive'

    Can someone recommend exactly what I should be buying as a replacement drive? This is the first mini I've owned so I'm guessing it would be 2.5 as opposed to the larger 3.5 SATAs? Also how hard is it to replace the hard drive on a mac mini? I've replaced a hard drive on an iMac before but I've never been inside a mini!

    Here's my specs:

    1.5GHz PowerPC G4
    80GB Hard Drive

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    Any 2.5" Laptop(Notebook) IDE (ATA) hard drive will work in the G4 Mini. I have the same computer and my Seagate 80 GB died the same way as yours. Slowly. I put in a WD Scorpio.

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    Thanks for the quick response! Did you end up putting a larger HD in when you replaced it or did you stick with 80gb? Was it simple enough to open up the mini and install the hard drive?

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