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    20" cinema screen + ATI card problem
    I'm running a QS dual 1ghz G4, 2x80 gb internal ata's, 2x digidesign protools (pci) cards and a 20" cinema display.

    Up until recently I have had all running fine.
    Then the Digidesign Core card crapped out, got that replaced, all good.
    Then the system drive crapped out, repaced that, all good.
    Then the screen gave up. I tried the screen on a friends computer and it worked. I changed the card. Can't get an ADC AGP card, so got an ATI 9200 PCI with DVI out and (seems like) the only DVI to ADC adaptor on the planet.

    It worked for an hour...

    Then nothing.

    The VGA output works on the 2 ton 15" screen I borrowed but so did the old AGP card.

    Also noticable was the bootup drive was not working properly, kept spinning down (PSU problem?)

    I have a large hammer on standby...

    Please help


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    I have got the screen size wrong me thinks. It measures 22" from corner to corner and 18.5" across. The model number is M8149. Can't get any more info from apple site other than is an apple cinema display (adc).


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