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Thread: Mac Pro RAID 0?

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    Mac Pro RAID 0?
    Hello, I currently have a Mac Pro and Just bought two 1 TB hard drives. My plan is to increase performance. I was going to put all my documents, movies, music and other files on one drive and just run the OS and apps off the other. I was wondering if I should do that or if setting up the two hard drives to RAID 0 would be better. I have never worked with RAID before so i am not sure if it would be better, just looking for some advice. Thanks.

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    If your plan is to increase performance ..... for read operations or for write operations ?

    RAID was designed to increase resilience to disk failures and increased performance was a nice benefit, but it was not the original intent.

    Have a look at RAID 1 and 5 configurations.

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    I have two 1Tb drives in my Mac Pro running in RAID0.

    RAID0 will improve both your read/write performance - particularly on larger files. Video editing benefits massively from RAID0 for example...

    RAID0 technically shouldn't be classed as RAID; it offers no redundancy so if one drive goes you're more or less stuffed. If you do go for it, please, please, have a good back up plan.

    RAID1 will improve your read speeds, however writes will stay the same. Benefit is if one drive fails, the other holds a copy so you won't lose work or downtime.

    That's all you can do unless you buy the Apple RAID card. Then you can add RAID5 to the equation, this uses two drives like RAID0 with a third drive acting as a ECC drive for redundancy.

    Of course, the Apple RAID card is recommended for best performance in any scenario.

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