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Thread: Some questions about converting to a RAID setup

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    Some questions about converting to a RAID setup
    If I set up a RAID with SAS drives, how would I go about moving my files to the SAS drives from regular SATA ones? I had read that you can't have SAS drives working in unison with SATA. Is this just referring to the fact that you can't set them up in the same RAID together? Could I have 2 SATA and 2 SAS drives separately on two different RAID configurations? Also, I can't seem to find any info on if Macs have issues with some third party SAS drives. Apple is only selling the one brand, but of course that's no indication of anything.

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    Ok, here goes...

    Easiest/cheapest option, buy an external SATA HDD caddy, put your old drives in there and using the USB/FW connection you can access and transfer the contents over. Assuming these are not in a RAID array... In that event you will need to transfer the contents to an external hard drive.

    Using SAS drives, you will need the Apple RAID card - as I'm sure you know anyway. You can't have SAS and SATA drives connected at the same time, its one or the other.

    So long as the connectors are in the normal places, then yes any drive will work fine. Apple put a huge tax on their drives so you'll find cheaper elsewhere. If in doubt, ask the e/re-tailer selling the drive.

    Hope that helps.

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