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Thread: G5 2.0ghz processor fit G4 533 dual or 400mhz single core?

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    G5 2.0ghz processor fit G4 533 dual or 400mhz single core?
    I need a 2ghz processor for one of my g4's. Will a g5 processor fit in one of them? One is a dual the other isn't.

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    No, a G5 will not work in a G4 motherboard.

    You would have to get an upgrade G4 CPU from OWC and they are quite expensive and not all that fast by todays standards for their high cost.

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    As stated above, CPU upgrades now are not worth the bucks as you shall still be strangled by that 100MHz system bus speed. All that will fit your G4 is the 400, 450, 500 or 500MHz Dual Processor from a Gigabit Ethernet.

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