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    Anti-glare or Glossy screen to work with graphic design
    Hi everyone.

    I'm new on here and I have a doubt about which screen should work better to work with graphic design. I saved some money to buy an Imac for myself but I dont wanna spend all the money on the wrong screen.

    A friend of mine have an Imac glossy and it reflects alot when theres a light in the background, Ive been reading about which one I should get but Im still confused.

    If anyone works with graphic design, colors and photos please give me a tip about what I should do.


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    As far as I know, the iMac ships with a glossy screen. I don't believe you can purchase one with an anti-glare screen. There are third party after market products which reduce screen glare which you can buy separately.

    The MacBook Pro series does offer an anti-glare screen as an option ($50.00) on the 15" and larger models, perhaps that's what you're thinking of?


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    Hey.Thanks for your reply.

    I can also purchase Imac with anti-glare screen on the apple store. I just dont know which kind of screen should work better to work with graphic design.

    Ive talked to a few people about it but not designers. Perhaps I should just take the anti-glare one.

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    I do design and have the glossy screen. There was no option at the time. Colours are fine and I have the monitor turned slightly so the reflection is not in my face.

    If you can get Matt I would. If not no big deal just turn it slightly.

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