I'm new to the forums but this seems like the place to get answers. I have a 2008 macpro tower with a hardware RAID card and 4 drives in the bays. 1 is my system drive and is configured as JBOD. The other 3 are (were) configured in a RAID5. Suddenly, without any apparent cause, I got an error apon boot up saying that a disc in my array had failed. I opened the utility to find all my drives working, but the drive in Bay 2 was listed as floating... So somehow the RAID lost track of that disk. I see no way of repairing the array or re attaching the floating drive to my array.
I noticed that the battery indicator on my card is at zero and I have an event saying the battery has failed. Could this be the cause? How do you replace the battery in the card? It's only a year old, this should be covered under my extended apple care yes?