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    Yet another flashing question mark screen thread
    Hi, I bought this iMac G4(the one with long neck) from my school's surplus. I think it's a 500Mhz or 800Mhz machine. Surplus wiped all data on the hardrive.
    When I turn on the mac, I heard the sound, but it goes to a flashing question mark screen. I know it's looking for hard disk or Operating System. At first I thought the hardisk is missing, I opened the case, the HD is there.

    I don't have a Mac keyboard, mouse and OS DVD. The imac has a DVD-ROM. So I hold the mouse button after it's turned on, and inserted a SUSE linux 9 DVD into it. It doesn't boot. I hold the "C" key, that doesn't work either. I hold the "ALT' key, it brought me to a blue screen with two icon. The one on the left is a round symbol with arrow, I am guessing that's the DVD-ROM? The one on the right is a right-arrow. When I click on it, nothing happens. When I click on this left round icon, the "watch" come out for a few seconds. How do I know if the computer detects the hardrive, anyway to get into BIOS to see if hard disk is present?

    Please educate me how to boot a mac. Thanks in advance.

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    I would recommend finding a iMac G4 restore disc (unfortunately buying from an auction usually means no discs) or a OSX 10.3 disc at least to try and repair it. Although if you have the the flashing icon, that HD is dead.
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    check this page or the one before it to identify your Mac. You'll need to get an IDE ATA for a replacement HD. Get the OS disc to install at least Panther on it. Tiger will run better though

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