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    Mac mini DVI to HDMI Output Problem
    I am a new Mac OS10 user. Not counting my iPod Mini, I just purchased my first Apple, a maxed out Mac Mini. I am learning how to navigate myself around. So far impressed with the quality of the product. Here's the problem. I am trying to use the DVI to HDMI output with a cable to my Sony Grand Wega 60" HDTV. This has already been done. I can not seem to figure out how to do this. I have the Mac, DVI to HDMI cable, & Display ConfigX software. Is there an easy way to do this!?!? Has anyone here integrated a Mac Mini with an HDTV monitor. I'm kind of stuck. I really appreciate all of your help in advance.

    Here is the website where I found the info:

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    What exactly is the issue your having? Go more into detail so that people may better help you. Is it a screen size issue? a resolution issue? a refresh rate issue? etc.

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    i assume you're having the same problem I am on my panasonic 43inch tv. the menu bar and bottom 1/4 of the dock are chopped off, as is a little on the sides of the screen. i've tried messing with the front porches and backporches and stuff and only succeeded in rebooting to black screens Tiger supposedly has an overscan compensation button, so I'll probably just wait on that

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