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    miss behaving mac
    hi all,
    I have a new intel mac purchased 3 months ago, & need some advise please. we were doing just fine with our new house mate for the last 3 months as mac virgins then one day she died, not a single sign of life left in her. so off she went back to apple and is now back, allegedly restored to full health. only problem is now the she wont remember anything once you log out/turn off. theres setting still available pre the original failure, bookmarks dock settings history etc. but we cant get her to remember any information or settings added post Aug 8th (failure day) I've done PRAM reset still nothingand am now desperate.

    to save us a return to apple again and a wife wanting a return to windows, please help us. any advise on a simple setting or reset I've missed,

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    Is this Macintosh a sentient being?

    Honestly...I know that it's cute to refer to your Mac as she/her & housemate...but it makes your serious question seem very confusing with these references.

    You didn't mention what model Mac you have...which may help answer the question. The problems you mention having usually relate to a dead PRAM battery. But since your Mac is so new that shouldn't be the case.

    Since your Mac is still under warranty...and although a pain in the neck, it still may be best to have the Apple folks look at it in case it is something more serious.

    Hope this helps,

    - Nick
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    thanks for the info so far, its a imac 20" and like you say it should not be the battery at this age but as the original failure was a failure to power up or power off, I wonder if this has damaged something.

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