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Thread: iMac CD/DVD drive failure

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    Question iMac CD/DVD drive failure
    Hello all,

    I searched for this but couldn't find anyone with the same problem. I've got an iMac 2.4 GHz int. core 2 duo, running 10.5.8.

    I only bought the computer about a year ago, and the CD/DVD drive has stopped working. It takes the disc in, but after attempting to read it for about 20 seconds it just spits it back out again. My music and film taste is excellent, so I can't see why my mac is rejecting them.

    Is this a hardware problem? Or might it just be faulty software... I guessed the earlier and henceforth posted the thread in this forum.

    I'm considering taking it in and consulting a genius.

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    Your taste in music and video has nothing to do with it. If the drive is defective, (and it sounds like it may be) take it on in to your local Apple store and have them check it out. If your machine is still under warranty (Apple care) they'll replace the drive if it has problems.

    You might try cleaning the drive before taking it on. Optical drive cleaning kits are available at most places which sell computers and accessories.


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    Hi to you all. I'm newly arrived, dishevelled and anxious, with the same problem. My Superdrive spits out both DVD or CD. Only two years old - no warranty. This seems a common problem here in Canada with Mat****a UJ-85J: drives. Is this so with you?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    20" 2.16 GHz 10.4.11 model iMac5.1

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