anyone know what my best option is for a replacement superdrive for a 2005-2008 series (pata) mac mini (1.66 core duo). i had expanded the retail snow leopard dvd on a physical partition, and it took in excess of an hour to do that, the factory superdrive is in this, I would think that for a 6.75gb dvd, things should not take too long, it might even have been closer to 1.5 hours. for some reason, it looks like it has old firmware, despite the 3.0 firmware release that apple has issued. its still functional. i bought it used. i have not tested dvd playback though. just doing data extraction from the retail snow leopard dvd was enough to think, either something is wrong, or it simply crawls. i ran across a database of working replacement drives for mac mini's some time ago, but i no longer that that bookmark, and some of those replacement drives, looked modern, worked, and were inexpensive. thats pretty much what i'm looking for modern, works, inexpensive, and wont break down on me.

thank you