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Thread: what should i buy? MAC PRO or IMAC

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    what should i buy? MAC PRO or IMAC
    hello...i used mac when i was in college 11 years ago.
    and i will going to buy one for video editing.
    what is big difference between imac and mac pro?
    what should i buy?
    and is still final cut pro is best editing software?

    macbook pro is good for long time editing?


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    G'day sky and welcome to the forums.

    Go with the Mac Pro particularly if you can write it down to business depreciation. The iMac, whilst nice, are pretty limited with memory, graphic upgrades etc and are really upmarket laptops.

    Let someone else handle the FCP however I like it personally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sky312 View Post
    what is big difference between imac and mac pro?
    what should i buy?
    What's the difference?...about 2x+ in price!

    Which should you buy? much is your budget?

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    I'm confused,
    are you asking between Imac and mac pro or
    iMac and MacBook pro?
    Mac pro is by far the best tho!!! Btw I would not reccomend the maximum 4tb memory cuz tbh save urself $2000+ and go with 2tb harddrive.

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