My Mac Pro (18 months old) went in to standby today, never to return. The display went dark, the monitor in to standby mode, and everything seemed normal.

Pressing the caps lock key started the fans back up, and the little green light on the caps lock illuminated as it should - however the display remained black.

Switched the monitor off, back on - nothing. Flicked between Digital, Analogue and HDMI - and while Analogue and HDMI said "check cable" - Digital was just black.

I've restarted the Mac, and it sounds like it's booting okay, and you get the right sounds for a failed login attempt etc.

I've plugged in my laptop via Analogue - and I get a picture, connected the Mac Pro via analogue (with a VGA <> DVI adapter) and nothing - black screen again.

I upgraded to Snow Leopard this week - that went A-OK, with just an update for Microsoft RDP required.

Does this sound like the PCI 256Mb ATi Graphics card has packed up?

If it has - what's the best option for a swap out?

Any help and advice appreciated.