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Thread: auto boot when power on

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    Sep 23, 2009
    auto boot when power on
    I'm new to Macs.. Just got a lovely new Mac Pro and i'd like to be able to power it on by just turning on my Furman surge protector. Some PCs have the ability to boot up automatically when the power is turned on ( its a BIOS setting ). Does anyone know of a way to do this on a Mac Pro?

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    I have never had a Mac desktop (only laptops) but I would assume that you can leave the Mac on and turn off the surge protector, and the Mac would go to sleep. Or maybe it would shut off. But it would still be "on". Mac laptops go to sleep when they don't have enough power left, so I am assuming that desktops would do the same.

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    Thx for the input. actually sleep still uses a trickle of juice so if you cut power it would be an unclean shutdown.

    I'd like to be able to shutdown my Mac, turn off the power strip ( its attached to expensive pro audio equip so it needs to be off ), and when i turn the strip back on my Mac would automatically boot up ( its way under my desk and hard to get to )... Alas, perhaps its not possible...

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