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    My mini upgrade story
    My new ram came today (1gig). So I proceeded to tackle the job. All went well until trying to put the little screws back. I could only get 3 in and the other got jammed, so I said the heck with it and put it back together( about 45 minutes, most messing with the screws) The mac works fine except still only showing one gig. So i pull it apart again and reseat the ram. I got lucky and the screws went right in. All 4; yea! This only took about 5 minutes. I now have my 2gigs of ram. $500 for the refurb mini and $8.00 for the ram. Not bad for $508.

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    Awesome job.

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    Did the same upgrade a few months back, went from 1G to 3G and man, what a difference..almost feels like an entirely different Mini.


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    Quicksilver- 1.4GHz sonnet upgrade, 1GB ram, 120GB HDD, Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb video card
    G3 iMac- 350MHz, 512MB ram, 10GB HDD.

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