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    Instructions on removal of Optical Drive
    Over the past week or two I have been experiencing lots of problems with my Optical Drive (Automatically ejects CDs and some DVDs and also has problems ejecting after the disc has been mounted). I found a nice replacement Drive found at this website APP-5813 8x Dual Layer SuperDrive Superslim for Mac Mini PPC, Apple Mac and iPod Accessories.

    I am confident enough to install myself, but I cant find any instructions on the complete disassembly of this mac and not just the HD. If you guys can find any picture instructions or videos I would greatly appreciate it.

    I have a 2.16 ghz intel core 2 duo imac (white)

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    Sep 21, 2009
    Nevermind, after following a misleading article i found an in-depth teardown here
    Installing iMac Intel 20" EMC 2105 and 2118 Optical Drive Replacement - iFixit

    Thank you to the people who looked at this thread and decided not to help

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    Lol in the whole 54 minutes! Give members time and you have found it anyway. Here is another:-

    Notes on Intel CPU iMac Take-Apart

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    Nah I was just joshing, and thanks for the link.

    Its just frustrating having problems with consumer products years after they been on the market, especially with apple products since they all have variations of the same name!

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    2.16 GHz 20" Intel 10.4.11
    Thanks !
    Thanks for all the wonderful info on dismantling my iMac.
    I'm a bit too scared to try, but at least I know what will happen if I take my Mac in to replace its DVD burner.

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