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    Hardware test = Video RAM-error detected
    I have a Power Mac G5 that has had issues since I added Comcast (broadband provider) software for my new modem. After downloading the software, the computer worked as usual for a bit. It then went to sleep after being idle and I haven't been able to get it going since. The computer makes a very loud whirring sound and the display only shows the grey screen with the apple logo. Occasionally it will appear normal but will then freeze up.

    I managed to run the thorough Hardware Test on the install disc and here are the results:

    Airport - no device
    logic board - passed
    mass storage - passed
    memory - passed
    modem - no device found
    video ram - error detected

    The error code is ZATI/1/4: 113-A58504-112. I searced the error code without success.

    Video specs on this machine:
    Graphics: ATI Radeon 9600
    VRAM: 128 MB

    I also repaired the disc permissions when I was able to get it going for a short bit.

    More info about my computer:
    Capacity 152.5 GB
    Available 26.6 GB

    Any suggestions?

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    video ram error help...please!
    Can anyone offer any suggestions? I'm desperate!

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    The only solution I can offer you is to follow what the expanded hardware test has indicated. Since the video RAM is surface mounted to the ATI board, and if the RAM is defective you'll have to replace the entire board.

    Finding another ATI Radeon 9600 is easy, however, what is not easy is finding one that is for the Mac. You can not substitute a PC version unless you change the firmware. eBay has them for as low as $25.00 but they are PC only.


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