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    Intel Imac Random Shutdown problem
    Hi, i just bought a refurb early 2006 20'' intel imac 2ghz with 1 gb of ram. The computer worked fine, but after a few days it began to shut down like the power chord was ripped out suddenly, just completely shut off when it was still plugged in. When i tried to turn it back on, it wouldn't start up. I looked up some solutions and reset the pram and smc. I made sure the ram was in the computer firmly. The next day it turned right on when i attempted to start it up. It worked perfectly for 3 days, then shut down again. It had done this schedule twice. The mac isn't set to be inactive in the energy saver preferences, but it almost seems to be on a schedule, working for 3 days, shutting down, then being able to start up a day later. I've read about this problem but not really about not being able to start it back up for a day. Im new to macs and any help would be appreciated!

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    You should have received the system install discs. Pop in disc one and run Apple Hardware test from there. Sounds like a dodgy logic board.

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