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    Exclamation reboot loop - fan problems?
    Hi All

    I switched over to Mac just over a year ago when I got my first iMac. I never do anything heavy duty but recently I have got an annoying probem - it restarts with no reason.

    When it restarts sometimes it ges to the desktop and others it just gets to the grey apple screen. I have tried a lot of things including:

    • Clearing cache
    • resetting PRAM
    • Verify disk and permissions
    • Unplugging external devices

    but nothing has worked. In desperation I have tried an archive and install but it restarts before it has had time to finishThe vent is warm to the touch but i'm not sure if it's normal. I am wondering if it is just over heating but shouldn't that just shut down?

    Thanks for any advice or poinetrs!

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    First - what is your back up scene? Do u have any back ups on Ext HD. The fans could well be running more than normal because the processor is doing unnecessary work - it could well be the result not the cause.

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    Hi thanks for the reply

    I only backup onto CD as I use it for very little, just browsing mainly.

    I got it to archive and install os hopefully that will fix it.

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