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Thread: Apple big break

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    Apple big break
    im an a studeny at a school with aal but 4 macs and only one of the macs run on os x,a powemac g4 1.25ghz duel. I learned that my school was buying 20 ipods so i emailed th ehead of tech and wrote her a letter

    the letter

    Dear technology department,

    I have just learned that our school (MFS) has bought 20 ipods. These ipods from my knowledge will be used in the foreign language department. I know that are school at one point in time used mostly apple computers. We now have 4 apples (one imac and 3 powermacs) that I have seen being here for 7 years at MFS. I think that with this new addition of ipod to our technology department would be a good time to invest in a few new apple computers. I would truly like to see our school having more then 4 apples (3 of which do not run on apple newest operating system or have itunes for the ipods) Apple has just come out with a new computers called the mac mini. The mini comes in two models 1.25 ghz and 1.42 ghz, each with 256mb RAM, the 1.42ghz come with a 80Gb hard drive, 1.25ghz come with 40 gb both have a combo drive which lets you burn and watch cds and lets you watch dvds. You can the combo drive upgraded to a superdrive to let you burn dvds, you can upgrade the ram up to one gigabyte, the hard-drive on the 1.25 ghz can be upgrade to 80 as well upgrade more on at This computer is 6.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches long and 2 inches high. With the educationally discounts bring the computers cost to 479 for the 1.25 ghz and the 1.42 ghz is 579 before upgrades. The powermac in computer lab 2 only has a processor speed of 1.25ghz with duel processors an that is the most advanced apple our school. This computer runs on a G4 chip just like the powermac in the computer lab. I have been reading up on macs and read something were people said that learning how to use an apple computer is like learn a second language, our school teaches multi languages so why not help teach people to learn to use apples. If you think that that the mac mini would not be fast enough then you could look in to the emac, apples main education computer and a all-in-one, iMac G5, 2 inches thick, all-in-one, runs on apple’s newest chip G5, screen sizes 17’’ and 20’’, and the fast computer apple has, the powermac G5, much faster then the old powermac we have in the computer lab, then the laptops. The ibook, apple smaller, slower (but still fast) laptop or the powerbook, the leader of apples laptops. I think that it is important that we have at least one new apple in apple in our school when we have PC all over the school. There are some apple user who go to the school and the compatibility is sometimes a problem.

    I sent it to her and this is what it said

    ''I love the fact that you really know your Mac stuff- trust me in that we
    are fully aware that the Macs in the building are not up to speed and we
    are working on a solution that is right for the whoel community..I would
    love to talk to you in person since you seem to understand the Mac
    environment please stop by my office anytime''

    So im going to go to her office but i what to have ever thing thats good about a mac so i can get my school a few so help me out and tell me all things that could be a dis to apple and give me a comeback or ill have to go a perhaps not be able to get apples for my school,this im sure will turn some people in my school on to apple

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    One thing that I know some people who do not know mac will say that apple computers have slow processor speeds, but realyl the powerpc processor has a smaller pipeline so it is equivalent to high speed pc since it has a larger pipeline. I know they did a keynote comparing the g4 800mhz processor to some higher speed intel processor and found the g4 to be just as fast or faster. Look that up on google if you get a chance.I hope that help a little good luck with that idea.

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